What is Sodium & How To Remove Sodium From Your Water

Sodium is a mineral found in most of the food and water we eat and drink. Although food has been considered the most significant source of dietary sodium, it still does not rule out the obvious fact that the water you drink also contributes a substantial percentage of sodium to our body.

What is Sodium?

Sodium is a chemical element represented by the symbol Na in the earth crust, it happens to be the sixth most abundant element, and it can exist in the form of sodalite, rock salt (NaCl) and feldspars.

Most salt formed from Sodium formation are highly soluble in water. Hence sodium ions are leached by the action of water from Earth’s minerals into underground water over a long period.

Sources of Sodium in water:

Sodium becomes present in drinking water through either of the following ways;

  • Natural occurrence, where sodium enters drinking water through natural processes like rainfall and erosion. This activity also alters the water pH.

During the water cycle, when rain falls on rocks, the droplets of rain against the rock causes the surface of the rock to erode. Salt is released in the process. When this salted water runs off, it seeps into your drinking water and other surface water through waterways. Since almost two-thirds of the public water supply comes from surface water like lakes and streams, it is possible for salts containing sodium to be dissolved in your drinking water.

  • As an aftereffect of applying salt to roads, there is also a strong tendency that the salt can be washed off by rainfall into surface water, including private and public wells, like that of natural occurrences.
  • Sodium also enters drinking water through some water treatment chemicals or through the process of softening hard water by ion-exchange.

Now we can see how sodium gets into drinking water and what causes high sodium in wells. This water Sodium level varies in different geographic regions and different portable drinking water depending on the water purification process.

Is Sodium Salt?

You may have notice sodium, and salt being used interchangeably here, but are sodium and salt the same thing? The simple answer is No. What then is the relationship? Sodium is one of the two main elements in the composition of salt. It makes up 40% of Table Salt, especially the other element in the composition is Chloride, making up the remaining 60%.

Effects of Sodium in Water

So many water supplies contain a certain level of sodium. This Sodium level varies across different geographical regions because of local soil conditions. So, is sodium in water good?

Here’s the thing. Sodium is needed in our body to maintain blood pressure, control fluid levels, and for the healthy formation of muscles and nerves. The amount of sodium considered to be safe for the body by the American Heart Association is 20mg/L.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), sodium can affect the taste of drinking water to the level of about 30 and 60 mg/L. Water with high Sodium level is also more corrosive. Studies from an EPA analysis also revealed that excessive intake of sodium in adults is associated with age-related diseases such as blood pressure and essential hypertension. Therefore, it is wise to reduce the amount of sodium in your water once there is the concern of a high sodium level.

How to Remove Sodium from your Water

Now, unto how to reduce sodium in water and the methods of treatment for sodium in drinking water. It is necessary to test your drinking water periodically to ensure that it is clean and safe, that is if you have doubts about the water quality.

Water Treatment for Sodium Removal

One method for reducing sodium in water is the reverse osmosis. It reduces sodium by 94 – 98%, and achieves this by forcing water out of a semi-permeable membrane, which blocks the sodium contaminant.

Distillation is another remedy for removing sodium from the water. Sodium can also be removed with the hydrogen form cation exchanger portion of a deionizer.

In homes, water treatment devices can be installed at the kitchen tap for the removal of sodium from the water. In addition, note that boiling water does not reduce the Sodium level. It may even increase it in some cases.

Water filters

Several water filters that remove sodium by employing either of the processes already mentioned above. You can get our professional to help you decide on the best water filter device for your home.

The Dual-Solution Approach

The best way to remove sodium from your drinking water may involve a combination of two water treatment systems. For example, where hard water is also an issue, install a water softener first, and then install a secondary water treatment system to eliminate sodium and other contaminants. We recommend that you get the services of a plumbing professional to provide further information on the best option for you.

Understanding Water Softeners and Treatment Devices

Ion exchange is the process employed by most water softening devices to soften hard water by replacing the minerals that harden water with sodium. This process increases the level of sodium in water significantly. Therefore, such kind of treatment devices should be properly considered before use, especially for sodium-sensitive people and infants.

Apart from food consumption, which contributes to the highest amount of dietary sodium in the body, your water supply is another source of sodium. If not properly checked, it could further increase the Sodium level, causing health issues, especially for those that are sodium-sensitive. The presence of sodium can also alter the taste of your water, strengthens your body fluid retention, and increases blood pressure. Therefore, it is essential to check the quality of our drinking water and ensure that a control measure is put in place when required.

If you need the best way to remove sodium from your household water, we can help you. We offer the best solutions to household water problems. We can help you improve the quality of your water by removing contaminants with the appropriate drinking water filter.

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