Softer Water For Everyone!

Water Softeners For City Water And Well Water

Water Softeners are probably one of the most overlooks and lest taught about the solution. This tends to remains true until problems like a damaged water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, excessive soap use, and water not able to create suds. While these are among the most common problems homeowners are facing, not many people know of this solution. Protect your appliance in your home and reduce your spending by investing in Plumber Mate Water Filtration Systems.

Signature Series Water Softeners

  • Metered operation for greater efficiency
  • Stingy with salt and water!
  • Premium 8% cross-linked resin
  • NSF certificated pressure tanks
  • By-pass valve is included
  • Brine tanks come with overflow prevention
  • Systems are assembled in USA
  • Seven year limited warranty – valves
  • Ten year limited warranty – tanks

Combination Whole Filter

  • “Smart Technology” for greater efficiency
  • Requires less salt! (See chart at right)
  • Custom brine tank indicates the salt level
  • Audible “add salt” reminder
  • 10% cross-linked resin fro greater capacity
  • Designer tanks with decorative tank collars
  • A bypass valve is included
  • Brine tanks come with overflow prevention
  • Components are USA made
  • Systems are assembled in the USA
  • Ten years limited warranty!

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